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Packing Information:

  • 1000pcs/Case
  • Price per Case

Product Details:

  • BEER HOLDER: These beer can rings are perfect for breaking up a 30 pack of beer and soda cans into individual six packs for extra profits, making them a go- to item for retail sale. Perfect for liquor stores, specialty shops and convenience stores
  • LOOSE CANS: You can cut these circles apart to create six packs, four packs, or two packs as needed, when you have loose cans around the house. Perfect to use when traveling or going for a picnic instead of lugging a whole pack
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: These beer rings are made of quality plastic material, ensuring they will not break or rip easily and they will last you a long time. They are easy to use and make carrying cans around much easier
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: These beer rings have a universal fit and will accommodate most beers, soft drink cans and bottles. The rings have a tight fit and will not stretch out to leave extra space, rather they will conform to the bottle's shape
  • VARIETY: These beer rings can be used for numerous arts-and-crafts projects or as an organization tool. Use them for crafts to make flowers or snowflakes, or to organize your closet by slipping a hoop around the hanger so you can hang items like a shell or scarf onto it

Plastic 6 Pack Ring

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